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  • Family Living In Fear Of Landmines In Artsakh Inspires HALO Crowdfunding Campaign

    05:40 9 November 2017

    An innovative crowdfunding campaign to clear a minefield in Harar village in Artsakh launched on Friday.

    The HALO Trust, the world’s largest mine clearance non-profit, aims to raise $49,000 through crowdfunding, which will be matched by an anonymous donor, to clear an 8.6-acre minefield in Harar village, in Bedzor (formerly Lachin), and ensure the safety of the Khachatryan family and 200 others who live nearby.

    The anti-personnel mines surrounding their home were laid by Armenian and Azeri forces along the hillsides near Harar in 1992. The minefields created a “mine-belt” along defensive positions. Since the end of the war, three civilian casualties have been reported in the village, including the death of one teenager, and dozens of livestock accidents.

    Alla Khachatryan is a widow and matriarch of the Khachatryan family, which has been living in the village for 20 years. Alla lives with her sons Harair and Hamlet, his wife Anni, and her two young grandchildren. The family has already lost their horse, 4 pigs and 4 cows to mines. They live in constant fear that the next accident will affect a member of the family.

    Sargis Khachatryan in Harar

    Sargis Khachatryan in Harar

    Alla’s elder son Hamlet works for the government as warden of the forests near the village and younger son, Harair, helps his brother herd the family’s livestock. The brothers’ jobs are particularly dangerous, because not only are they responsible for their own herd, they are also responsible for the safety of their fellow villagers and have to regularly walk near the minefield to check for mine accidents.

    “There is always a fear of dying with every step I take, but my mind has become accustomed to it,” Hamlet said.

    He is most worried when his younger brother accompanies him to help. Alla admits that if her sons are killed or injured, not only would the emotional toll on their family be unfathomable, but the loss of two able-bodied males would mean the family would be unable to take care of their herd and thus sink into dire poverty; a prospect which she considers grim for her two young grandchildren.

    Hamlet Khachatarian

    Hamlet Khachatarian

    Mine clearance will protect their lives and benefit 200 Armenians living in Harar and the neighboring villages of Khachgetik and Aghavnatun. They will use the safe land for firewood collection and cattle grazing.

    The crowd-funding appeal is part of a larger campaign – Safe steps for the people of Artsakh – to clear all the minefields in Artsakh with an impact on civilians by 2020. The anonymous donor has pledged half of the money required – if The HALO Trust can raise matching funds.
    US Government funding has been secured for landmine clearance in Artsakh. However, US Government funds are restricted to certain parts of Artsakh. HALO cannot use the funds in Berdzor or parts of Hadrut and Martakert and it is in these areas where the majority of remaining minefields lie and require private support.

    There have been 370 civilian casualties from mines and unexploded ordnance in Artsakh since a cease fire agreement was signed in 1994. The HALO Trust has worked in Artsakh since 2000. Its staff of locally recruited men and women have cleared located and destroyed over 11,400 landmines and over 61,200 cluster munitions and other items of unexploded ordnance. Learn more about campaign.

    The HALO Trust is the world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance organisation. HALO creates safe and secure environments in war torn communities by clearing landmines, managing stockpiles of weapons and destroying unexploded ordnance. It was founded in 1988 and has almost 8,000 full-time staff operating in conflict and post conflict zones in 19 countries and four territories.


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