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  • Socially vulnerable group isn’t aware of its rights

    13:01 3 Mar 2018

    The socially vulnerable group has always been in the center of our attention. The families which belong to these vulnerable groups need any kind of assistance. One of the programs implemented for socially vulnerable families is “Family vulnerability assessment system” (formerly the “Paros” System).

    We have done some interviews with “Family vulnerability assessment system” members which rights has been violated․ Mrs. A. M. from Ararat province asked not to present her name fully, because she was afraid of depriving the financial help. She has a child who has disability and gets some allowance from the State. In response to our question, in the case of changing of law referring to “Family vulnerability assessment system” representatives whether a written form or a call is communicated to the beneficiary, Mrs. A. M. answered, that they never are informed about the law changes. She added․ “The majority is not aware of the change of laws or the order of our rights protection. Many times I needed official information concerning to my child’s allowance, but I couldn’t get verbal answer to my questions”.

    Another interviewee from Aragatsotn province Kyaram Salimov, who is a father of six children, receives a monthly allowance, but the big problem is that he can’t find a job, because it isn’t permitted. “If the State knows that I have found a job, they will deprive my monthly allowance”. From the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs they have said to K. Salimov, that it is impossible to get allowance and work at the same time. But as K. Salimov highlighted, it isn’t possible to live and take care of all family only getting allowance (approximately 125 $)”.

    We are keen on periodically raise issues related to this social group.

    Tamara Abrahamyan


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