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  • What connection is there between Aliyev and Trump

    07:29 11 November 2016

    Almost all the stars, politicians, Obama, even “Republican” party senior and junior Bushes, on the eve of the presidential election in the USA, supported Hillary Clinton but it so happened that on November 8 the 48.9% of the voters has given their vote to the republican candidate Donald Trump, and 47% vote for Clinton, the result is that Donald Trump has won the election and became 45th president of the USA. How did it happen that the proportion of the votes turned to Trump side, the “Slaq.am” spoke with political analyst Gagik Hambaryan. “Donald Trump has won in the presidential elections as the public has already tired of this fake democracy that existed in that country. Besides, Hilary Clinton is a big blow associated with her e-mail when the hackers succeeded to break the e-mail of Clinton and reveal a large amount of confidential information. Second, Trump extremist ideas were very acceptable for the American society, who, from the beginning, started with anti-Muslim calls. Another fact was that unlike Hilary, who built all her campaign on the outer politics, Trump began to pay more attention to domestic issues. He focuses on the social sector, he had promised to the society to reduce the taxes as well as to solve the immigration issue”. To the question if Trump elected, our accounts with Azerbaijan will remain on the political agenda, the political scientist answered. “I don’t think that Donald Trump will have a great influence on the US foreign policy, especially to be able to change the vector, because the foreign policy determines not only the White House but there are numerous institutions, research centers, the representatives of which decide what should happen in 2017-25 period”.
    According to the analyst, Trump’s coming to the power, US-Russia relations will improve. And as for the Karabakh issues, according to the politician, we don’t have any optimism regarding this issue. “Trump will continue Obama’s non-affirmative policy. As for Trump relations with our region, “I must say that he has a close relationship with Georgia and Azerbaijan and has large investments in these countries. Trump has connections with Ilham Aliev family in Azerbaijan through intermediary entities. The first is Aliev former son-in-low Emin Aghalarov and son of Azerbaijan transport Minister Anar Mamedov.
    Trump has 33-story hotel “TRUMP TOWER” in Baku, for which he receives 2.5 million dollars to post his surname on that building. The Azerbaijanis will try to use Trump relations for their own benefit’’ added the political analyst Hambaryan.
    Hambaryan’s witnesses, Azerbaijan is a Muslim country that joyfully accepted Trump’s win despite the fact that Trump’s sermons were anti-Muslim and the latter doesn’t hide it declaring the entry of Muslims to the USA will be blocked and then they must be enrolled then let them to US territory.
    “However I repeat that individuals may not have much influence on US foreign policy” concluded the political analyst.


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